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A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians

We believe the main reason the church exists is to learn about Christ so that we can proclaim Him to the world. Therefore, bible study is an essential part of our church.

We are also called to worship Christ with joy and build each other up in fellowship and service. Being apart of the church body is living life in a community that helps each other thrive.

Christ of the Hills Church


  • Join us Sunday morning!

    Christ of the Hills Church Moved Locations

    We praise God for making the way for us to worship at our new location. Please join us at 635 Highway 46 East, Suite 204, Boerne, Texas. All are welcome!

  • Directions

    Click on this link to find us using Google Maps.

    1. Exit Hwy 46 to the south once you see the shopping center with the True Value Hardware sign and the Texas and American flags
    2. Our church is in the southwest corner of the parking lot
    3. The Worship Center is located in Suite 204

  • Adult Bible Study: 12 week study of the book of Daniel

    On January 5, 2020 we will begin a 12 week study of the book of Daniel. The book of Daniel is set in a land and time far removed from our own yet it is completely relevant to us. Does it seem like you live in a culture that does not understand you or the things you value? If so, then the study of Daniel will be very meaningful to you. The first half of Daniel are easy to understand accounts of the challenges Daniel and his 3 friends face while in exile. God is faithful to the men and rescues them from death due to lions, fire and kings. The second half of Daniel details a series of prophetic visions that are given to Daniel by God that not even Daniel completely understood. God intentionally left some things hidden in mystery until the proper time. The over arching theme of Daniel is to show that God is Ruler of the Universe and yet He is very personally involved in the lives of His children.

  • Sermon Topic

    Christ of the Hills Sermon Topic

    Our Sermon Title for this week is “It's not about the fish!”. Texts are Luke 5:1-11.

  • Adult Bible Study Lesson Topic

    Christ of the Hills Church Sunday School

    All, This week we will be discussing Lesson #3 Daniel 2:1-23. Daniel is now in exile in Babylon under service of the king. The king is having disturbing dreams that are causing him sleepless nights. He places unreasonable...

    - read more below

  • Cross Wall

    "This cross that our family has donated to the church cross wall was handmade by my uncle, Jerry Cook. I love it for it's rustic simplicity. When the community of Christ of the Hills Church was first beginning we studied and worshipped in our home and this cross hung on the wall in our dining room where we had Bible Study. Our contribution is a tribute to those first beginning months where we gathered in simplicity loving the Lord and His Word together."
    -Dee & Katy Calverley

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9:30 a.m.   Bible Study
10:30 a.m. Prayer & Announcements
10:50 a.m. Fellowship
11:00 a.m. Worship

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Pete Johnson serves as the Church Planting Pastor for Christ of The Hills Church.  Pete grew up in Houston, Texas and married his high school sweetheart, Lori.  They have three adult children who live in Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas.  Pete loves to be outdoors in God’s creation, especially riding his motorcycle or snow skiing.  He and Lori love to watch movies together as they look for stories of redemption and hope in film.  Pete also loves music and just about all forms of art and architecture, as they capture the creative nature of Almighty God.


Pete began his relationship with Christ as a sophomore in high school, while involved in Young Life.  He began his ministry career as a volunteer Young Life leader in Lubbock, Texas where he attended college at Texas Tech University.  Upon graduation, he then served as an Area Director in Oklahoma and Texas.  He served as a Regional Director for Young Life for 18 years while living in Boerne, Texas.  After retiring from a 33-year career with Young Life, Pete and Lori felt the Lord calling him to accept the position as our Pastor in October of 2019.


Pete is known to be a gifted communicator, team builder and shepherd of people as they walk more deeply with Christ on their journey of faith.

Adult Bible Study Lesson

Join us every Sunday morning, at 9:30 AM


This week we will be discussing Lesson #3 Daniel 2:1-23.  Daniel is now in exile in Babylon under service of the king. The king is having disturbing dreams that are causing him sleepless nights. He places unreasonable demands upon his wise men with the threat of death if they cannot do what he wants. Daniel and his friends get caught up in all of this even though they were never consulted by the king. What do Daniel and his friends do when the executioner shows up at their doorstep? What would you do? Daniel and his friends turn in prayer to the Almighty God. Seems like a smart thing to do but is that my go-to response in difficult circumstances or is it a last resort response when all my other ideas have failed?  Do we as a Church see prayer as something we are supposed to do but don't really put much stock into it?

This week, Pete continues to lead us through the Gospel of Luke as we get deeper into the earthly ministry of Jesus.  Please come to worship and study with your hearts and minds prepared to hear the truth that God would have us know. Come with hearts and minds filled with joy and gladness that we have a Savior who deserves our praise and honor.

I look forward to hearing what the Holy Spirit has taught you in this week's lesson.

See you Sunday!


Adult Sunday School
Where And When

Please join us at
635 Highway 46 East, Suite 204
Boerne, Texas 78006
Every Sunday, all are welcome!

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